Monday, May 14, 2012

Homer found in Amsterdam - 5/2011

This image has a few things that make me very happy. First, drunk Homer, nuff said. Second, I love photographs where you can see the photographer (and in this case, husband too) in a reflection. And lastly, little, tiny hats.

Magic found in Richmond - 5/2012

Prepare to be amazed :) hehe, couldn't resist. I was taking a walk with a friend during work one day and we spotted this magic wand with a note attached (cell phone camera again, apologies). The note invited whoever found it to log onto and mention something good we would like to be a part of in Richmond. Then we were to leave the wand in a new location for someone else to find. Not only was it sweet to find something so creative and positive, but it made me feel like I was five again, and that is seriously magical!

Found on a summers day on Bryce Mountain - 7/2011

I love random things so much! While on a walk with my folks we noticed this pair of ice skates just hanging on a tree. Being familiar with the area, I can tell you that there is no skating rink nearby and on top of it, it was the middle of summer. I'm sure there might be a completely logical explanation, but my imagination loves the mystery!

Hollow point found in Richmond - 1/2012

 I was on my way to grab some carry out one day and noticed something shining in the sun and found this. A friend I was with at the time recognized it as a hollow point bullet. It was found in a parking lot in downtown Richmond, which during the weekend is full of people visiting the city. It was a strange thing to find, in an unexpected kind of way.

Choices found in Amsterdam - 5/2011

Short and sweet. I had to lighten the image a bit to be able to see it and it was written in a bathroom that was not very well lit. Plus I had to use the only camera I had, which at this particular moment in time was my crappy cell phone camera. Still, it's full of awesome and made me smile.