Sunday, February 19, 2012

92 year old tree found in Richmond - 9/2011

This is a fallen tree and was found shortly after Hurricane Irene rolled through Richmond. It was on the Buttermilk Trail and had been cut in order to clear the trail, exposing it's rings and it's age. I thought it was really cool someone took the time to count the rings and document it's age. It's a really pretty trail and is really well taken care of by mainly volunteers.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

:) found in Amsterdam - 5/2011

This photo was taken in Amsterdam on a walk that we ended up getting lost on for about three hours. People in Amsterdam are friendly and ride bikes, so the fact that a bike rolled by as I snapped a pic of happy graffiti was perfect. Sometimes, photos you love happen by accident. :)

Restaurant boat after hurricane Irene found in Richmond - 8/2011

Went for a walk after Hurricane Irene visited the East Coast 8/2011 and found a boat, not so boaty. In the days after the storm, I learned it was actually a restaurant boat that has just arrived in Richmond 2 days before the storm from Florida. Between the Richmond skyline and showing the force of mother nature, it was a powerful sight.

Banksy found in Amsterdam - 5/2011

In front of an old church, around the corner from the red light district, and about 100 feet away from a coffee shop, this was spotted. A Banksy piece and it is just awesome. Read up on it a bit and no one is really sure if the lock is part of the street art, or to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. Either way, glad it's there.

Tree of love found in Richmond - 12/2011

Tree of Love - I don't think this tree has an official name, but that is what I call it. It is located in Maymont Park in Richmond, Va, somewhere between the Italian and Japanese Gardens. The park itself is breathtaking and this tree is one of my favorite sightings. All the way up the tree are names coupled together, some with hearts and some without. I couldn't get the entire tree in the photo, but the names go so high you can't really figure out how someone got up there. <3

Awesome store found in Amsterdam - 5/2011

Souvenir shop in Amsterdam spotted sightseeing. Totally honest, walking around in here I was really hoping those cows were screwed in tight, but they were so cool :) So unexpected, creative and random!

Framed photos on stoop found in Richmond - 11/2011

 I was on my way back to work one day after taking a break and noticed these photos. This frame was sitting on a stoop and there was no one around. The building is an office building so it was definitely a random thing to just be sitting there. The clothes and the hair worn by the women in the photos shout 80's, so the photos must have been well taken care of. I love this image, mainly because I love photographs of photographs, but also because the framed photos are so "warm", if that makes sense. This was the only day I saw it there; the next day it was gone.